Join the Friends of Better Hearing Club: Share the Gift of Hearing

At the Friends of Better Hearing Club, your generosity helps others experience the joy of clear hearing. By referring friends and family to us, you’re earning rewards and making a profound difference in their lives by helping them to improve their quality of life.

How the Referral Program Works

A Win-Win for Everyone

Rewards for You

For every successful referral leading to a hearing aid purchase, enjoy a $400 company gift card as our thank you. The best part? There’s no limit to how many rewards you can earn.

Savings for Your Friends and Family

Each person you refer receives $800 off their new hearing aids, making it easier for them to take the first step towards better hearing.

How to Make a Referral

It’s Easy to Get Started

Online Referral

Fill out the online form on this page to submit your referral quickly and conveniently.

In-Person Referral

Alternatively, please fill out a referral slip and bring it to any of our office locations. We’ve made the process as simple as possible.

Program Exclusions

Important Details

Please note that the referral program excludes residents of California. For more information on exclusions, feel free to contact us.

FAQs about the Referral Program

Your Questions Answered

Have questions? Our FAQ section covers everything you need to know about participating in the Friends of Better Hearing Club.

Earn You Next Set Of Hearing Aids for Free

For every patient you refer to us and help them with the gift of better hearing, you’re earning $400 which can be accumulated to purchase or go towards your purchase of your next set of hearing aids if you choose. The $400 credit can also be used just like cash towards any products or services in our clinics. We want to reward you for sharing the gift of better hearing with any and all and this is our way of thanking you.

Contact Us for More Information

We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions or need assistance with the Friends of Better Hearing Club, our team is ready to support you. Reach out to us through the contact options provided.

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What is the Friends of Better Hearing Club?

The Friends of Better Hearing Club is a unique initiative by AudiologyHQ designed to bring together individuals who are interested in learning about and improving their hearing health. The club offers a platform for members to access exclusive resources, participate in discussions, and receive personalized advice from hearing care professionals. This club is part of our commitment to fostering a supportive community focused on enhancing quality of life through better hearing.

Who can join the Friends of Better Hearing Club?

Membership is open to anyone interested in hearing health, whether you are currently using hearing aids, considering them, or simply want to learn more about maintaining good hearing health. The club is particularly beneficial for those who seek ongoing support and information about hearing solutions and technologies.

Are there any fees associated with joining the Friends of Better Hearing Club?

Currently, there are no membership fees required to join the Friends of Better Hearing Club. Our goal is to provide accessible support and information to as many individuals as possible, fostering a community that supports hearing health without financial barriers.

What benefits do members of the Friends of Better Hearing Club receive?

Members of the Friends of Better Hearing Club enjoy a variety of benefits including access to exclusive online seminars, newsletters with the latest in hearing care research and technology, special discounts on hearing aids and accessories, and invitations to events that facilitate networking with other members and professionals in the field. Additionally, members receive personalized follow-up from our network of clinics to achieve the best use of their hearing solutions.

How can I join the Friends of Better Hearing Club?

Joining is easy! Simply visit the AudiologyHQ website and navigate to the Friends of Better Hearing Club section. From there, you can fill out a simple registration form. Once registered, you will receive a welcome packet with detailed information about how to make the most of your membership, including how to access member-exclusive resources and events.